Patch 1.9.1 has been released!

Hear ye, hear ye! A HUGE patch has been released!
The patch fixes a lot of bugs and improves usability greatly. Over 30 new events have also been added, and it's now possible to go to war with the other kingdoms if your relationship with them drops too low.

Here's a big list of patch notes:

version 1.9.1

-Added a separate structure for playstyle events so you're more likely to see Altruist and Tyrant events during your playthrough
-Fixed a bug where Bashir the Bard came to your room even if you had never met him (creepy!)
-Increased Spymaster's Loyalty gathering gain from 12 to 17
-Added big events that give you the opportunity to earn lots of Loyalty
-Added many new events
-Changed law costs to 30 - 70 - 100 instead of 50 - 100 - 150 except for the Equality laws since it makes sense that those are harder to achieve.
-Increased suspicion loss from drinking the Beard potion from -10 to -15
-Changed the maximum of each stat (charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent) to 100 since the stat bars could never be filled before
-Fixed a bug that affected the backer character sprites
-Divided some text into smaller portions in a few sections of the game because the text was overflowing from the text box
-Changed X Potion's effects slightly to favor the player more
-A numerical value now shows up next to the resource amounts when they change; this means it's easier to tell what has been affected and how much
-Made the resource changing animation slightly longer
-Added raid events, so the leaders of other kingdoms don't just threaten you; they actually start raiding your borders
-Added events where you lose kingdom relationship points
-Added imprisoning events: when you're at war with a kingdom, you will get chances to capture their princes and princesses
-Added more dating events
-When your boyfriend is talking, the game now displays his name instead of just "date"
-Important character names are now coloured so it's easier to tell who's speaking
-Fixed a lot of bugs caused by the new events that were added
-Added music to the letters phase - sorry if it gets repetitive, but it's better than silence
-Weekends are now 2 days like they always were supposed to be, so you can gain more stats
-3 new outfits for foreign princes, one for each Kingdom

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Mar 02, 2018
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